Former X Factor victor Shayne Ward 'embarrassed' after sex tape leaks online

Former X Factor victor Shayne Ward 'embarrassed' after sex tape leaks online

Ward, who won the second series of X Factor back in 2005 and enjoyed success with singles such as "That's My Goal", "Breathless" and "No Promises", before becoming an actor playing Aidan Connor on Coronation Street, has been the victim of a leaked sex tape which is said to show the star masturbating.

Shayne Ward has reportedly been left "hugely embarrassed" after a sex tape of him leaked online.

Grabs from the video and GIFs created by social media users are now circulating on the internet, while blurred stills clearly showing Shayne's face and chest tattoos have also been published.

"This video is years old, 'that overworked source told The Sun".

The latest is of the much-loved actor pleasuring himself, is from years ago and was allegedly sent to a woman at a time when he was single.

It is not known when the video was recorded or who by, but a now-deleted CelebrityBusted Twitter account recently offered copies of the video for sale.

"He thought it was a private chat and a one-off and only realized he had been catfished after the video emerged today".

Former XFactor victor Shayne recently announced he and his girlfriend, ex-Hollyoaks actress Sophie Austin, are expecting their first baby.

Shayne has won a raft of awards for his role as Aiden Connor in Coronation Street The former X Factor victor, who recently signed another year-long contract for Corrie, has become the latest in a line of male celebrities to be catfished in this way.