Presidential polls today: Latest 2016 election figures put Clinton ahead of Trump

Presidential polls today: Latest 2016 election figures put Clinton ahead of Trump

Let that stand in contrast with what Republican nominee Donald Trump said during Wednesday's third and final presidential debate when moderator Chris Wallace asked Mr. Trump about his repeated suggestions in recent weeks that he might not accept the outcome of an election he claims, based on no evidence whatsoever, to be "rigged".

Trump, trailing in the polls, sparked a wave of criticism at the debate Wednesday night when he refused to commit to accepting the election results if Democrat Hillary Clinton emerges victorious November 8.

A BBC poll also showed Clinton had a very slight lead over Trump with the Democratic nominee on 47% and the Republican candidate on 43%. Last month he sparked a backlash after suggesting "Second Amendment people", or gun owners, could take action against Mrs Clinton.

The Arizona senator, who has always been at odds with Trump and officially unendorsed him in recent weeks, warned that Trump's rejection of the democratic process would be a risky precedent. Trump denied those allegations. "I think he is going to accept the results because he is going to win". Trump's vice presidential running mate, Governor Mike Pence of IN, said Trump "will accept the outcome" because he is going to win.


But first, he opened up the rally by playing off the uncertainty created by his refusal during Wednesday night's debate to declare that he would concede if he was defeated by Hillary Clinton. This means Republicans can't really duck the question by saying that they don't agree with that part of what Trump said, but they'll still vote for him.