Democratic Party Should Be Embarrassed, Says Bernie Sanders

Democratic Party Should Be Embarrassed, Says Bernie Sanders

And he aimed to appeal to the one key group that delivered the election to Trump: white, working-class voters.

"You can not be a party which, on one hand, says we're in favor of working people, we're in favor of the needs of young people, but we don't quite have the courage to take on Wall Street and the billionaire class. People do not believe that".

"See? That's exactly the wrong question, Wolf", Sanders told CNN's Wolf Blitzer on "Wolf" when asked whether the Vermont senator would vie for the Democratic presidential nomination in four years. Just elected the 45th president of the United States, Trump opened his campaign calling Mexicans "rapists", and promised to build a wall along the border with Mexico (and to make Mexico pay for it). Joining with Elizabeth Warren, he's loudly voicing his choice in the leadership fight. The demographics that helped Trump beat Clinton were also the ones that had helped Sanders to beat Clinton.

Meanwhile, Howard Dean has announced a bid to head up the Democratic Party again, a post he held during the Bush administration. Bernie Sanders has come back into the picture to offer Americans the hope they seem to have lost. There's never been a better moment for either of them to try to fill the political vacuum with their left-wing, populist, ideological message.

"But Democrats are embarking on a soul-searching exercise to determine how they ended up in the political wilderness, losing the House, the Senate and the White House at a time when President Barack Obama's approval ratings are at record highs". "But we have to channel that anger against the people who caused the decline of the middle class, and so many people living in poverty, not take it out on our neighbors who happen to be Muslim or Latino or women".

Many Democrats will, as is their habit, conclude that the fault lies with the left wing of the party - that progressive party activists did not sufficiently support the candidate or that leftward attacks weakened Clinton.

In a brief victory speech from his campaign headquarters in NY after Clinton called to congratulate him, Trump thanked his supporters and said the country must be no less than bold to essentially fulfill his campaign's slogan of making the country great again.

Sanders is a self-confessed democratic socialist whose manifesto included taxing the wealthiest citizens more while offering free college tuition and a national health service.

In the meantime, before 2020, Sanders is working on a coup to push the DNC much further to the left.

Sanders said he felt Clinton was likely to win, but acknowledged that Trump had made a connection with working-class voters that kept him competitive.

Indeed, turnout overall was a major problem for the Clinton campaign; though not all votes are yet counted, it's clear that Clinton received millions fewer votes than Obama in several states, while Trump frequently received more than Mitt Romney did in 2012.

She won the lowest share of union households of any Democrat since 1980 - notching 51% of union households to Trump's 43%, according to exit polls.

"And I think the vast majority of the American people would find that totally, totally unacceptable to even think about those things", he said.