Joel Dommett opens up about being catfished into having Skype sex

Joel Dommett opens up about being catfished into having Skype sex

Speaking on I'm A Celebrity, the comedian added: 'I thought I was having Skype sex with someone, but it was just a video.

However, I'm really surprised that viewers didn't vote for Martin Roberts to do a trial!

Carol struggled to keep hold of the eggs, but after switching roles they won the Dingo Dollars and opted for jelly candies at the Outback Shack.

Kiosk Keith then called camp with the teaser: "What percentage of men think that sending naked selfies to someone else is cheating - 53% or 64%?"

'My belief is that there is no place for that, if that was my fella - bang, gone', said Sam Queck.

Adam pushed for 64% as he felt it was cheating, while Lisa admitted: "I don't think they do, I think they take pictures and then say "but I didn't sleep with her".

They eventually all agreed on 53 percent which was the correct answer - Carol and Joel having guessed the same.

The pair returned to camp with jelly candies - and continued to debate Kiosk Keith's question.

As Wayne Bridge asked Adam if he'd ever taken a picture of his privates, both Adam and Jordan said no - but Joel felt compelled to speak up.

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ITVAnt and Dec were communicating with producers when the moment went out on-air

"They're easy to find on the Internet, I was catfished".

The trouble started when camp president Scarlett Moffatt asked Roberts to help get more water for the camp and he ignored her, causing BBC Radio 5 Live presenter Danny Baker to see red.

And sure enough, Twitter went into meltdown as excited I'm A Celeb fans googled Joel and his sex tape.

Everyone else was shocked by the admission and Joel went on to explain further.

The heartthrob said he believed he was having cyber sex with a girl he'd met online.

"I messaged a few weeks later and she didn't reply, and the video was released about a week before I came in here".

She even weighed in recently on his jungle flirtations with campmate Carol. He can do whatever he wants, whatever he feels is the right thing for him, ' she said.

Joel Dommett and Carol Vorderman have stepped up their flirtatious friendship in I'm A Celebrity.