ARK: Survival Evolved Coming to PlayStation 4 Next Week

ARK: Survival Evolved Coming to PlayStation 4 Next Week

For those unfamiliar, ARK: Survival Evolved is a survival game that transports players back into the realm of dinosaurs, where taming, crafting, building, discovery, harvesting, and tribe alliances are all crucial in order to survive the perilous wasteland that the world holds.

The studio plans to license out its brand to Chinese company Snail Games to create a new virtual reality experience called "Ark Park" - which has more than a whiff of Jurassic Park about it. "We wanted to achieve a level of visual authenticity and player interactivity that will set a benchmark in the VR industry". The game will take plaers to a dinosaur theme park to observe and learn about prehistoric denizens of the Jurassic era. It's a multiperson experience, and the publisher says that users "can share the visceral gameplay and the thrill of witnessing dinosaurs up-close and personal".

"We're excited about the partnership with Snail Games." said Jeremy Stieglitz, Founder, Studio Wildcard.

Powered by the Unreal Engine 4 and a blend of real-life imagery and 3D textures, ARK Park delivers an incredibly engaging, immersive experience that's sure to shake up the VR entertainment market.