Cyber Monday 2016 Goes Down As The Biggest Online Sales Day Ever

Cyber Monday 2016 Goes Down As The Biggest Online Sales Day Ever

Cyber Monday was the highest online revenue-earning day for retailers during Cyber Week, outperforming Black Friday by 45%.

But that extended sales period may diminish Cyber Monday's standing as a singular, blockbuster event, like Black Friday, which is "not as important as it once had been, " Levy says.

Tamara Gaffney, principal analyst for Adobe, noted that online sales on Black Friday, which grew 22 percent to reach $3.34 billion this year, are now almost as big as on Cyber Monday.

Adobe said Black Friday set a new record by surpassing the US$3bil (RM13.38bil) mark for the first time (US$3.34bil/RM14.90bil), with the first-ever day of mobile sales topping US$1bil (RM4.46bil).

Adobe cites the 23 billion anonymised visits to retail websites that it tracked as the source of its information. According to Adobe, it measures 80 percent of all online transactions from the top 100 USA retailers, and produces some detailed insights about online shopping habits. Add to it the adjustments Adobe undoubtedly made to the data to accommodate the remaining 20 percent and other factors, and this is probably as reliable an estimate as we are likely to get. And Wal-Mart launched its Cyber Monday deals on Black Friday.

"It seems like they should rename Black Friday to Black Friday Week and rename Cyber Monday to Cyber Monday weekend", she said.

A total of $12.81 billion was spent between November 24 and November 28. That represents a 10.2 percent increase from the previous year.

"We've seen record performance in online shopping over the last few days", said Becky Tasker, an analyst at Adobe Digital Insights. According to Adobe's data, the top toy sales included LEGO sets, Shopkins, Nerf, Barbies and Little Live Pets.

Top-selling electronics by units on the day include Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox gaming consoles as well as Samsung 4K TVs, Apple iPhones and Amazon's Fire tablets.

Mobile was the most popular shopping method on Cyber Monday, accounting for 53 percent of retail visits. Tablets (9 percent) and Smartphones (44 percent) were together responsible for over half the traffic.

Among the e-commerce giants and retailers eBay beat Amazon to claim the title of the most mentioned online retailer followed by Macys, Walmart, H&M, Target, Nordstrom, Kohl's, Home Depot and Gap.

Here's more evidence that holiday shopping is becoming a largely online activity.