Donald Trump calls it 'sad' that Hillary Clinton joining recount effort

Donald Trump calls it 'sad' that Hillary Clinton joining recount effort

Wisconsin's commission officials are expected on Monday to tell Stein and Independent candidate Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente, who is also funding the recount effort, the estimated cost of the statewide recount campaign.

County clerks will provide cost estimates to the state Elections Commission by noon Monday, and the state will provide a total cost estimate to each campaign by the end of the day.

Wisconsin's unofficial election results show President-elect Donald Trump with 1,404,000 votes, Hillary Clinton with 1,381,823 votes, Stein with 31,000 votes and De La Fuente with 1,514.

So the recounts that are advancing in Wisconsin and will mostly likely happen in Pennsylvania and MI could be seen as legitimizing conspiracy theories that call into question, well, America's democracy.

As for electoral votes, Pennsylvania has 20, MI 16, and Wisconsin 10.

Stein and the Green Party have been leading the fight for a recount here, in Wisconsin, and in Pennsylvania and MI.

Stein said in a Sunday video that it will be an uphill battle to get a recount in Pennsylvania.

Donald Trump won 2,935,592 votes in Pennsylvania to Hillary Clinton's 2,864,549 - a spread of 71,043 votes. Clinton's campaign said over the weekend it would formally participate in the Wisconsin recount efforts. His remarks came after a special meeting of the commission to plan for the recount. To say votes are being counted illegally is "an insult to the people that run our elections", he said. She could conceivably tip the electoral balance in the remote event that all flipped to her in recounts.

"We do not have one instance of that happening", McAuliffe said.

The recount is set to take place in Wisconsin, and potentially in MI and Pennsylvania.

A person would have to physically access each individual voting machine to tamper with the state's election results, Hein said. The Stein campaign said it was filing a legal challenge to trigger an all-hand recount. But the battle is likely to keep eyes trained on the narrow margins of victory Trump eked out just three weeks ago to win the White House.

The recounting will begin on Friday to the tune of $800,000.

He strongly defended the vote count. Thomsen says "To say that it's not being fair or people are counting illegal votes, from my vantage point is an insult to people running our elections".

Stein would have to get a court order for a hand recount.

"Our job and the job of the county canvass boards and the county clerks is to try to conduct the recount as quickly and as accurately as possible", said WEC Administrator Michael Haas.

In addition, write-in votes were counted only for the seven people who registered with the state as write-in candidates by mid-September. Stein could ask a judge to order a hand recount, which could take considerably longer to complete. The Democrat's team said it had been looking for abnormalities and found nothing that would alter the results. The malware then could be spread to the voting machines when the ballots are loaded onto them, Halderman wrote.

The Clinton campaign has chosen to warily observe from the sidelines. They pointed only to past charges of irregularities in voter registration.

An affidavit submitted with the Stein campaign's court filing cites a statistical analysis by Walter Mebane, professor of political science and statistics at the University of MI. Bernie Sanders, the Democrat who beat Clinton in Michigan's presidential primary, or vice presidential pick Mike Pence or many other names that could have been written in weren't included in the final presidential election results.

Woodward reported from Washington. The affidavit was authored by Philip Stark, director of the Statistical Computing Facility at the University of California Berkeley.

Wisconsin recount efforts to begin MondayThe Wisconsin Elections Commission will move forward with recount efforts Monday after receiving a petition from Former Green Party Presidential ...

But state election officials have highlighted a "long-term trend" toward increased absentee voting. "Picking on immigrants and asserting that they're massively violating the USA law, I think, echoes the rhetoric of his campaign when he demonized immigrants for all kinds of things".

The recount is set to start Thursday.