[OPINION] Rings and things. Other ways to prevent HIV on the cards

[OPINION] Rings and things. Other ways to prevent HIV on the cards

"As an HIV male living in this city I can tell you the importance of raised awareness and a deep need for us to come together in a large way on this day", he said.

Although progress has been made in testing and treatment, this country is located in the region of the world with the second highest HIV prevalence globally behind sub-Saharan Africa.

Such discrimination by healthcare staff, though uncommon, continues to happen here and around the world, and it is this sort of ignorance and discrimination that experts hope to address with the first Asia Pacific HIV Practice Course for healthcare workers.

"It means for the individual that they can't get the benefit of early treatment which allows you nowadays to have nearly a normal life", she said.

Ammon warned of the risks for people with HIV who do not know their status.

The only way for someone to know for sure if they have HIV is to get tested.

A 2015 survey conducted by the Disease Control Department showed that 41.4 per cent of the respondents were not willing to let their children play with their HIV-positive peers. Over the past two years, USAID and the CDC tested over 6,800 people for HIV and reached 15,000 people with HIV prevention services.

One in seven people with HIV in the Europe Union region is unaware they have the virus, seriously hampering efforts to meet a global 2030 deadline for eradicating the AIDS epidemic, a senior health expert said on Tuesday.

"More people than ever are on treatment".

On October 27, the UN General Assembly officially announced that the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared World AIDS Day on December 1st in the year 1988. Often, people are not aware that they are infected, as you can have HIV and still feel healthy.

A year ago about 30,000 people were newly diagnosed with the HIV infections in the region. HIV is no longer a death sentence. She also called on relevant authorities to protect the rights of those living with HIV. As more and more of these white blood cells are destroyed, the body becomes less and less able to fight off the many different germs which live in and around the body all the time.

Public health specialist Sukarma Tanwar said there were new technologies like antiretroviral drugs which lower viral load in patients so that the disease does not get transmitted.

No effective cure for HIV now exists, but with proper treatment and medical care, HIV can be controlled.

Use of contaminated / Re-used needles is an effective source of HIV transmission in our country.