Romney dines with the Don: Trump weighs Mitt for SoS

Romney dines with the Don: Trump weighs Mitt for SoS

The choice of Jean-Georges, a three-starred Michelin restaurant overlooking Central Park run by celebrity French chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten and popular with NY high society, was the clearest indication yet that Mr Trump may select Mr Romney as his chief diplomat.

Some Trump loyalists - adviser Kellyanne Conway chief among them - have been publicly criticizing Romney in an effort to keep him from getting the top job.

Two former political foes, Donald Trump and Mitt Romney, joined each other for dinner in their second meeting in just over a week. Mr. Trump's victory speech and those people he's made a part of his transition, Romney said - "all of those things combined give me increasing hope that President-elect Trump is the very man who can lead us to that better future".

Mr Petraeus, who met the president-elect at Trump Tower in NY on Monday, has by far the most foreign policy experience of the lot.

Trump, however, has kept Romney in contention for the secretary of state position, and a Republican source close to the transition effort said Priebus has been pushing for Romney behind the scenes.

"After Romney said he didn't expect Trump to win the GOP nomination and called some of the real estate mogul's past comments "childish in some respects", Trump tweeted: ".@MittRomney can only speak negatively about my presidential chances because I have been openly hard on his bad "choke" loss to Obama!" Also, Romney laughed as Trump talked and gestured, and there was "noo sign of any animosity" from the campaign.

He met the president-elect for an hour in NY on Monday, after which the president-elect sounded positive, tweeting: "Just met with General Petraeus - was very impressed!"

His appointment would arouse accusations of hypocrisy after Mr Trump savaged Mrs Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified emails, but experts do not believe the scandal is insurmountable given the respect he commands on Capitol Hill.

What if Romney does become Secretary of State? Petraeus said he spent about an hour with the president-elect and praised him for showing a "great grasp of a variety of the challenges that are out there". Trump recently brought in campaign critic South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley as ambassador to the UN.

Conway said she was speaking on behalf of "grassroots supporters" who would feel "betrayed" if Trump chose Romney.

"I think there's something there", Romney said of Trump's tax returns in an interview with Fox News.

On Nov. 20, Vice President-elect Mike Pence said Romney was being considered as the future Secretary of State, but since then there have been some internal struggles for this position, some have also come to light.