Schoolgirl screams for help as yobs launch horror attack in Southampton park

Schoolgirl screams for help as yobs launch horror attack in Southampton park

The 13-year-old reportedly begged her attackers to stop as they dragged her by her hair in front of a crowd of onlookers.

The girl was found in the Green Park area near Wimpson Lane, Southampton, at about 17:30 GMT on Tuesday.

The cowering victim was said to have desperately tried to protect her face with her arms as she was repeatedly punched and kicked.

"The fight was over but the other girl kept going for it and didn't stop".

'On arrival our colleagues from South Central Ambulance Service were treating a 13-year-old girl who had suffered a head injury. The lads didn't want to get involved.

'A 13-year-old girl from Southampton was arrested on suspicion of GBH and has been released on police bail until March 2. Fights have happened here before but not so serious that this many police cars had to come'.

A resident living opposite the park said he did not see anything but said there had been "trouble" involving incidents in the park during the last few evenings.

Another added: 'I looked out of the window and there must have been more than 20 kids with their phones lit up and then the next minute the police arrived'.

Emergency services stormed to the scene after they were inundated with calls and the park has been cordoned off while police investigate.

'We deployed 15 police vehicles because of the amount of young people who were reported to be on the scene'.

The crowd allegedly shouted encouragement to the attacker, including "Go on" and "Kill her" near the school in Barry, South Wales.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Hampshire Police on 101.