Trump criticizes CNN on Twitter after retweeting supporters' claims about voter fraud

Trump criticizes CNN on Twitter after retweeting supporters' claims about voter fraud

State Department-initiated: This form of a recount would be ordered by the PA Department of State.

The recount will begin Thursday if both Stein and American Delta Party candidate Rocky De La Fuente's campaigns submit payment to the WEC on Tuesday.

Voting machines in Wisconsin are not connected to the internet, officials said, suggesting that any tampering with the machines would have had to have been done in person.

Many have also expressed concerns about the results in light of alleged hacking during the campaign cycle. Trump has labeled the fundraising effort a "scam". She's already successfully petitioned for one in Wisconsin, after raising more than $6.5 million to fund the recounts, and also filed for one in Pennsylvania on Monday.

The WEC has ordered clerks to complete their recount by 8 p.m. on December 12, which is just a day before a federal deadline. The Electoral College was initially created as a compromise between a Congressional election, where the President would be chosen exclusively by members of Congress, and a popular election, where the President would be chosen by eligible citizens.

As a result, Stein mounted legal effort to force a recount.

Trump, who spent the campaign warning that the result might be 'rigged, ' is now pushing back hard as Stein works to secure recounts in three states he won. "What we are saying is that there's enough peripheral evidence to warrant that our system should be investigated", said George Martin, Green Party member.

Why did Stein have to raise money for the recount?

"Picking on immigrants and asserting that they're massively violating the US law, I think, echoes the rhetoric of his campaign when he demonized immigrants for all kinds of things". Wisconsin is the first of a possible three states to issue a recount. She has raised over $5 million in her quest.

Only 27 states have been decided by recounts out of thousands of statewide races, and only three candidates have pulled off the upset, the Washington Examiner reported. That leaves it up to each of the state's 72 counties whether to perform the recount by machine or by hand. For better or worse, the rules of the election were set before the votes were cast, and despite the seeming impossibility of it all, Trump emerged victorious.

The Michigan Board of State Canvassers certified Trump as the victor on Monday.

Republican president-elect Donald Trump surprised many when he won Wisconsin by 1 percent, despite polls showing him lagging behind Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Grueskin said it was baffling Stein would file a recount request without telling officials specifically what problem they think took place.