Wisconsin's Most-Likely Bowl Game Heading Into The Final Weekend

Wisconsin's Most-Likely Bowl Game Heading Into The Final Weekend

FRANKLIN'S JOURNEY: Penn State lost four straight to end 2015 and got off to a 2-2 start this season with a 4-39 loss to Pitt and a 49-10 loss to MI.

Our concern for the Lions in this Big Ten title game is a defense that gave up 24 points to Purdue and 31 points to in during this impressive run.

"I think all good teams across the country overachieve", Franklin said earlier Tuesday. "Losing sucks in general, but losing by that much is definitely something that you try to forget". You're trying to maximize the opportunities you get, trying to maximize the talent you have.

"You appreciate it every time that they come out and do something like that".

"They've got a bunch of studs over there", Barkley said.

"I don't second-guess anything", he said. We wouldn't be the same type of team without the highs and the lows. "I saw some talented players making some plays". "You would hope that they take away things they did well, whether it's in their preparation or actual handling of playing the game and things they didn't do well". But the contents of that notebook sure might come in handy for the Nittany Lions as they prepare a road trip so few figured they would make. "Conference championships are hard to win". This is always a goal and always a vision for what we planned to do. While many people may argue that, he continued to prove just that in Saturday's win over MI. And I thought, 'Oh my goodness'.

Pry's personality, though, is such that he was able to keep everyone focused on the process, improving and believing that things would get better.

He complained about an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty he drew in the second half of the game when he tossed headphones and a play card, a pass interference against MI that prolonged a key drive for the Buckeyes and a non-call of pass interference against Ohio State.

The maturity of a young defensive line also has contributed.

Penn State (10-2) is ranked seventh, behind No. 2 Ohio State (11-1) and fifth-ranked MI (10-2). They never made excuses. They just kept training guys, getting guys ready to play.

"This is a staff award", Franklin said Tuesday night on Big Ten Network when accepting the league's coach of the year honor. The Big Ten's second-leading rusher (1,219 yards) suffered an apparent ankle injury in the third quarter of last weekend's victory over Michigan State and did not return. Franklin, as is his custom, would not talk about the injury.

"I think all those experiences, the last three years, including this year, have led us to where we are now", Franklin said. "Certainly pushing the ball down he field, but it looks to me like he loves playing the game and he competes and has a great energy about him". He's snagging overthrown passes easily, laying out to try to catch others and doing it all through heavy coverage.

In his only comment to reporters Monday, Barkley said he was "feeling fine, totally good".

"It affects how offenses are because they're anxious about how many possessions they're going to get, start to change how they call the game as well", Franklin said Tuesday. The Nittany Lions (10-2, 8-1) set in motion the chance to win the East Division by beating Ohio State, then sealed the title by defeating Michigan State in the final game of the regular season.