Blake Griffin sits out Clippers' loss in Brooklyn to rest

Blake Griffin sits out Clippers' loss in Brooklyn to rest

Brook Lopez showed why he's integral to the Nets success in the first quarter, hitting two of his three shots from behind the arc as he dragged DeAndre Jordan out of the paint.

The objective of the session was to try and identify why the Clippers have had so many hiccups in their last three losses and how those could be fixed before facing the defending National Basketball Association champion Cleveland Cavaliers that night at Quicken Loans Arena. Kilpatrick did a huge job in helping out against DeAndre Jordan, and Trevor Booker finished with 11 rebounds too.

After the game, a 127-122 Nets win in double-overtime, Rivers said that the National Basketball Association would claim that he was given his first technical for crossing half-court, which is illegal for coaches in most situations. It was also notably Los Angeles' third consecutive loss.

Amusing turned to fiery by the end, as an enraged Doc Rivers was thrown out as his team blew one in Brooklyn.

Doc Rivers was ejected with 18.6 seconds left in the first overtime period of the Clippers 127-122 double-OT loss to the Nets, earning a second technical after aggressively protesting the first one.

"I feel like we took that for granted". Rivers said he not heard from the medical staff if Johnson's return is close.

"For me to have my teammates behind me on a night like tonight, knowing that whatever shot I took, they were like, 'We're riding with you, ' that's something that's really heartfelt for me", Kilpatrick said.

Chris Paul drilled a corner three with 1.8 seconds remaining after beautifully faking out Trevor Booker, who flew by the Clippers point guard.

"We were down 20, then next minute you know we just kept chipping it down", Kilpatrick said.

"We play them again in two days", Antetokounmpo said. The Clippers controlled nearly the entire game by outscoring the Nets in the first three quarters, leading by double figures going into halftime and going into the fourth quarter.

"I think that losing three in a row helps", Jordan said.

"It was the damnedest tech to give at that time", Rivers added.

The Clippers were serious by the end.

"For me, it was the first time I was literally emotional when someone else was winning", Rivers said Thursday morning. Without an actual point guard (Isaiah Whitehead and Randy Foye fill that position, but don't exactly play that role), the Nets have to rely on the ability of their perimeter scorers to create for themselves and others.

Mauer told a pool reporter the first technical was automatic once Rivers crossed over midcourt to argue.

Earlier this month, the Clippers beat the hell out of the Nets to the tune of 127-95.