Congressman Reed Sees Transition Post as an Opportunity for Western New York

Congressman Reed Sees Transition Post as an Opportunity for Western New York

We have direct communication and conference calls with the transition team.

In addition to Reed, Rep. Chris Collins, R-Clarence, Erie County, has been appointed to serve on the executive committee of the transition team. The governor is continuing to work with her staff and legislative leaders on developing agenda items for the upcoming legislative session and is working on a proposed budget for the 2018 fiscal year.

"It's very exciting", Brown said of the appointment.

According to a Huffington Post poll, only one-fourth of the American people are looking to have the Affordable Care Act replaced, but Reed said he wants to examine health insurance reforms and look at the options for "people and doctors to be in charge of their health care". "And, if she's going to be focusing on Trump, who's going to be focusing on Oklahoma?"

Congressman Tom Reed, a vice chair of the Trump transition team, denies that the selections run counter to Trump's campaign narrative to upend the political system. But the two lawmakers have taken strikingly different approaches to Trump's candidacy and election, with Collins appearing as a frequent media spokesman on Trump's behalf and Reed remaining supportive but sometimes subtly critical of Trump's boisterous ways. He represents New York's sprawling 23rd district, which stretches from the Chautauqua County shores of Lake Erie all the way to Ithaca.

"There are a lot of people here for the right reasons", said Reed, "and I'm excited to be a part of pulling this alliance together to make America great again".