Jurors in Slager trial ask for transcripts, definitions

Jurors in Slager trial ask for transcripts, definitions

It carries a sentence of two to 30 years.

"Accountability is key or it all falls apart", she said to open her closing arguments. Slager had pulled Scott over for a broken third taillight on a 1990 Mercedes Scott was driving. She said in her testimony that SLED had a copy of the cell phone video of the shooting and did not let Slager know, because they "wanted to let him tell the truth".

"That is not the sign of a violent, throw down, life-threatening fight", Wilson argued. Closing arguments are underway in a SC courtroom in the trial of a white former police officer charged with murder in the shooting death of an unarmed black motorist.

Slager testified he has not been the same since the shooting and said his mind was like spaghetti from running and chasing after Scott. "But because of that they have to be held responsible when they mess up".

Slager testified that he fired his taser at Scott three times, and when he was trying to subdue him, Scott wrestled the officer to the ground.

CHARLESTON, S.C. Jurors deliberated for a second day on Thursday on a murder charge against a white former SC police officer accused of fatally shooting a fleeing black motorist a year ago, and activists vowed to protest if they disagreed with the verdict.

Solicitor Scarlett Wilson started her closing argument discussing the law that applies in the case.

Slager said Scott grabbed his stun gun as the two men scuffled.

But she added provocation is not justification and being provoked doesn't give someone the right to do whatever they want when they want. Savage said the case sends an ominous messages to officers that they can face murder charges for life and death decisions made "in the heat of battle".

"If you have any doubt who had the better end of that struggle you'll see it on those autopsy pictures", said Wilson who described Scott as "wiggling" under Slager and not "thrashing".

The defense focused its case on what happened in the seconds before the fatal shots were fired - seconds not on the cellphone video.

He faces two charges now, murder and voluntary manslaughter, in the shooting death of Scott.

There are no degrees to the murder charge in SC.

Jurors began deliberating around 5:45 pm on Wednesday.

Michael Slager is charged in the death of 50-year-old Walter Scott, who was shot five times in the back as he fled a traffic stop in North Charleston in April 2015. The shooting was captured by a bystander on cellphone video that shocked the nation.

Jurors accompanied by court officials and a representative of both the defense and the prosecution were visiting the site of the shooting in a vacant lot Wednesday morning.

Jurors, who viewed the video multiple times and heard testimony from dozens of witnesses during the trial in state court in Charleston over the past month, began deliberating Wednesday evening.

In a news conference during deliberations, Scott family attorney Chris Stewart said: "It's up to the jury and God right now".

The jury of one black man and 11 whites will return to the Charleston County Courthouse to resume deliberations Thursday. Peterson took 14 pages of handwritten notes as Slager provided his account of the events that led to Scott's death.

He also brought up the shooting video and criticized Santana for not immediately handing the video over to law enforcement officials. The 35-year-old Slager could be sentenced to 30 years to life if convicted.