Keith Lamont Scott Family Lawyer Says Civil Suit Still A Possibility

Keith Lamont Scott Family Lawyer Says Civil Suit Still A Possibility

The social media stories and other reports that had circulated in the Charlotte community after a police officer fatally shot Keith Scott on September 20 were slowly examined by Mecklenburg County District Attorney Andrew Murray.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police arrested at least four protesters Wednesday night as almost 100 people gathered in the rain to decry the Mecklenburg County district attorney's decision to forgo charges in the Keith Scott killing.

Scott, 43, was killed in the parking lot of an apartment complex. Officers told him to drop the gun 10 times before Vinson opened fire, hitting Scott twice.

A trial is underway in Charleston, South Carolina, for a since-fired white patrolman, Michael Slager, facing 30 years to life if convicted of murder in the death last year of a black man, Walter Scott, shot while running from a traffic stop in April.

Wyatt believes evidence that Scott was armed with a gun will make a similar settlement harder to come by. "Scott failed to comply with those commands".

"But the fact that criminal charge are not appropriate under the law in this particular case does not mean we can dismiss the concerns expressed by those who raised their voices to raise the consciousness of this community", Murray continued.

Much of Murray's presentation centered on the gun and on debunking witnesses who said Scott hadn't been armed.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg District Attorney Andrew Murray quoted from a Facebook chat in which a man discussed selling a gun to Keith Lamont Scott.

The district attorney said the two-month investigation disproved those claims.

If that's the case - and, to be fair, the videos of Scott's death do not definitely answer this question, though neither do they ever show Scott with a gun in hand - it is hard to see how this shooting could be justified.

The Sept. 20 shooting of Scott was one of several deadly police interactions with African-Americans that have sparked waves of street demonstrations and an impassioned national conversation about race and the use of deadly force by police officers. "He was just not a threat, period", Rakeyia Scott said.

Authorities arrested four people as about 100 protesters walked around Charlotte, angry at a prosecutor's decision not to charge a Charlotte police officer in the shooting of a man in September. That was consistent with the holster and gun later described by officers and located at the scene, the prosecutor said. Police approached and ordered Scott out of his SUV. They left to get backup, then returned to arrest Scott, Murray said.

The family's lawyers also asked that if people protest, they do it lawfully and peacefully. Mr. Scott was never shot with his hands up or while holding a book, did indeed purchase a stolen gun and was a convicted felon.