Mercedes to bide time over Hamilton

Mercedes to bide time over Hamilton

Rosberg found himself behind Verstappen, who spun at the first corner after contact with Nico Hulkenberg and fought back up while staying out as the leading cars pitted. Its 34 years since his father Keke won the F1 championship.

Speaking after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, when asked if he was surprised about the extent to which Hamilton did it, Horner said: "I wouldn't have expected him to do anything different".

"He's just an awesome driver and one of the best in history".

Rosberg also confirmed that there was no way to pass Hamilton, even when he was driving at a reduced pace.

Just like his father, Rosberg drives in the No. 6 vehicle. It is a shame but it was quite clear, their thought process, I don't know what to say.

And Hamilton, 31, hit back at his team for trying to impose orders saying: "I am out there fighting. So I'm very thankful for that". The German finished second to win his first title. "Two laps from the end I was nervous". The British driver slowed down to push back Rosberg into the clutches of the Ferraris and Red Bulls.

With Ferrari's Vettel closing in on much fresher tyres, Wolff's team feared it would lose the race win.

Retirements in Spain and Malaysia ultimately proved costly for Hamilton, who pointed to Rosberg's comparatively impressive reliability record in 2016 as a decisive factor in the title battle.

Still, he expects to find plenty of energy to celebrate his win. Tonight is going to go absolutely nuts. The Finn, who won just one race in 1982, said it is unlikely that any world champion - his son or Hamilton included - would win a title without some good luck along the way.

As Hamilton deliberately slowed in the later stages of the race, his team told him over race radio to up the tempo.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has said Mercedes are "naive" if they plan to sanction Hamilton.

Rosberg was clearly getting nervous, and Vettel was a wheel's length away from him on the final lap. Notably, the three-time world champion's contract with his German constructors ends in 2018.

He jumped from his vehicle and danced around the track before being hugging his mechanics. He then picked up Bernie Ecclestone, the sport's 86-year-old chief executive, as he waited in the green room ahead of the podium celebrations.

Hamilton was totally unapologetic over the incident in the post-race news conference.

Meanwhile, Verstappen's vehicle went into a spin following contact shortly after the start, dropping him down from sixth to last, but the daring Dutchman soon caught up.

After finishing behind Hamilton for the past few seasons, Robserg finally manged to beat his teammate and arch-rival.

But despite Rosberg and his team's concerns however, he held off both Vettel and Verstappen to finish in second place to win the title.

Hamilton took pole position and duly controlled the race for the entire distance, with Rosberg giving chase.