Someone Made a Holocaust-Themed Skating Routine and People Weren't Pleased

Someone Made a Holocaust-Themed Skating Routine and People Weren't Pleased

Navka and Burkovsky smiled and pantomimed shooting at each other in front of an imaginary child; Burkovsky exited to the sound of machine gun fire.

Tatiana Navka, wife of Vladimir Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov, appeared on the Russian ice-skating themed reality show Ice Age this weekend in costumes created to evoke the plight of Jewish concentration camp inmates.

Wearing black and white striped jumpsuits with yellow Star of David patches and makeup that made them look gaunt and malnourished, the ice skaters launched into their choreographed Holocaust-themed performance.

"I have done a lot of routines on the war and Jewish themes, there were very different characters", the 2002 Olympic silver medalist said.

The routine was an homage to Life Is Beautiful, an Italian film about a Jewish father who uses humor, games, and imagination to protect his son from the truth about their internment at a Nazi camp.

"You are not supposed to perform Holocaust-themed ice-dances", Jacob Labendz, a post-doctorate student in Jewish Studies at Penn State University, wrote on Twitter, summing up many viewers' reaction. "Many people write me they watched that Oscar-winning film again after our presentation and many children thus learned what Holocaust actually was".

A video of Saturday night's routine was posted on YouTube.

The performance was meant to directly reference the Holocaust, according to the Daily Mail.

Jeremy Jones, the Director of International Affairs at Australia's Israel and Jewish Affairs Council, spoke with CNN about the outrage, calling it "unbelievably tasteless".

"Not one of the 6 million danced and a concentration camp is not a summer camp", Regev added, referring to number of Jews killed by Nazi Germany. Our children need to know and remember that awful time, which I hope, God willing, they will never know.

However, social media commentators in Russian Federation called Navka's adaptation "sick" and "mad", says the Daily Telegraph.

The pair's skating routine was awarded maximum points by the TV show's judges.