The world's oldest person turns 117

The world's oldest person turns 117

Cuffing season is upon us, but instead of spending the next four months shacking up with the first viable Tinder match you meet, consider taking a page out of Emma Morano's book. She still had other men seeking relationships with her after this, but chose to remain on her own.

Emma Morano is the oldest of eight siblings.

"Who would have said it?! So I think you can say is in good form".

But "weak and sick" young Emma has carried on despite what most people would consider awful eating habits. According to CBS News, Morano's diet is pretty simple, and not all that attractive. Besides the whole not-leaving-her-apartment thing (in all seriousness, Morano has been mostly bed-bound for the past year), she's said to be deaf and to have difficulty seeing. Sometimes, Emma broadened her menu to include "occasional banana and grapes in season". "And cookies", she replies when asked the secret to her longevity. The day it topples over, someone will be held responsible. Applesauce is part of the new diet regime too, since her elderly nieces make their own and bring it to their aunt.

While Italy is known for its centurions it's believed that the world's largest population of healthy older adults lives on the small island of Okinawa, Japan. Two raw and one fried. And in the town at the local theatre there will be a performance of music over three centuries in Morano's honour and also a preview of a romanticised biography called "The woman who saw three centuries".

Her life has not been without challenges, either.

When she still had teeth, she was also fond of chomping chicken and lean raw steak.

But she eventually married after her future husband forced her to do so.

'Now she's well, she's very well, but it's clear she lives every day in a very, very precarious equilibrium, ' he added.

The spectacle will recount her life, from her experiences during two World Wars to her work in a jute factory and her courageous decision to separate from an abusive husband at a time when divorce was frowned on.

Morano has the unbelievable distinction of having been born even before the turn of the 20th century and was alive during both world wars.

I didn't want to be dominated by anyone.

She declared: "I hope I don't have to cut it!".