Trump's 'Thank you' tour gets off to raucous start

Trump's 'Thank you' tour gets off to raucous start

"That was a landslide", Trump said Thursday at a victory rally in Cincinnati, the first of what he said would be about 10 stops on a "Thank You Tour" to celebrate his win. They had announced in February that they planned to move a plant and more than a thousand jobs to Mexico. "We seek peace and harmony with the nations of the world, but that means recognizing the right of every country, including our own, to look after its citizens".

The company attributed its decision to the incoming Trump administration and financial incentives provided by IN, which is something of a reversal, since earlier offers from the state had failed to sway Carrier.

Trump began his speech by thanking his supporters and touting his campaign as "a grassroots movement the likes of which the world has never seen before".

He won the Buckeye State by 8 points, which has been a perennial battleground state where he narrowly led in the polls in the final weeks. The goal of that rally: "to unite in peaceful protest outside of US Bank Arena to thank Secretary Clinton for her lifelong service to the American people".

At his rally, Trump mocked an unnamed television pundit who he described standing in front of an election map "saying for months there's no way that Donald Trump can break the blue wall" of Midwestern states.

His post-election tour may take him to "swing states we flipped over", George Gigicos, Trump's director of advance, told reporters on November 17.

"We condemn bigotry and prejudice in all of its forms", Trump said.

But the President-elect showed that the heavy burdens of office that are about to settle on his shoulders and the behavioral constraints that normally apply to a head of state are not going to cramp his quintessential political style. He spoke about including job growth and restoring the American Dream. But amid the news, there were concerns over exactly what Trump and Pence had promised to Carrier in exchange for keeping some jobs, and how much taxpayer money may be involved.

Despite Trump's deal, employers elsewhere in IN are laying off five times that many workers because of foreign competition. "Presidents-elect usually give a handful of press conferences and spend their time focusing on the huge task of preparing their administration". Trump will be accompanied by Pence tomorrow evening in Ohio.

The rally was billed by Trump's team as part of his "USA Thank You Tour 2016". Trump's boisterous rallies became a regular occurrence throughout the primary season and general election campaign, at were the site of heated confrontations between supporters and protesters. While Trump has moved more quickly than his predecessor to announce nominations, he has yet to reveal his pick for secretary of state. A Trump transition official tells ABC News that the OH rally will be just one in a series of rallies Trump plans to hold across the country leading up to his inauguration.

It was a strongly nationalistic message, and Trump repeated his pledge to put "America first".