Google Pixel 2 case gives new look at upcoming smartphone

Google Pixel 2 case gives new look at upcoming smartphone

Typically, new hardware from Google - previously Nexus devices, now Pixel phones - has followed shortly after a major Android OS release.

The new image, which comes to us via Android Police, shows a handset that looks pretty similar to what Google launched previous year.

Around back we can see a smaller glass panel that houses the rear camera, which has a silver ring around it, as well as a fingerprint reader that's below the glass panel.

Expectations are running high among smartphone fans when it comes to the Pixel 2, after last year's models were widely regarded as the best devices of 2016. Now, this is a render so perhaps they're just "missing" but all metal phones need those antenna bands so it will be interesting to see how they develop over the coming months of drip drip rumours and leaks.

The doors are finally off, and we have our first real look at the Google Pixel XL. The top and bottom bezels have been shrunken dramatically compared to the 2016 Pixel XL and the side bezels look pretty slim, too. Thanks to this, users should be able to squeeze the phone in order to interact with some of its functions, including Google Assistant.

There aren't any spec details included in today's report, but a leak from a couple weeks ago did claim to shed some light on the new Pixel XL's feature set. Google helped usher in the virtual home button device with the original Pixel and Pixel XL and will likely continue the design with the upcoming device.

Like recent Android flagship devices, the Pixel 2 XL will also supposedly sport refined and narrowed borders around its display, as well as rounded corners on the display itself.

Around the front is the biggest departure style-wise from past year, with a rumoured new 6-inch 2K 2:1 AMOLED display with rounded edges a la the LG G6, which isn't a surprise as this panel is rumoured to be made by LG Display.