Jet blast from plane kills New Zealand tourist

Jet blast from plane kills New Zealand tourist

Footage of desperate attempts to resuscitate a Kiwi woman who was flung to her death by the jet blast from a plane at a Caribbean beach has disgusted those who saw it.

The deceased woman, who has not been identified, was hanging onto a fence to watch the plane, the island's police said on social networking site Facebook.

Police said hundreds of tourists regularly ignore multiple warning signs to not stand by the fence at the Princess Juliana International Airport, which is less than 200 feet (60 meters) from the beach in the tiny territory.

Her sister-in-law Janice McEwan said family in Marlborough were still in shock. "Unfortunately the victim died shortly after as a result of the injuries she sustained".

"The landing and taking off of all types and size of aircrafts at the international airport of Sint Maarten is well known worldwide as major tourist attraction", police said.

The beginning of the runway is just 50m (160ft) from the fence on Maho beach, and about the same distance to the waterline.

Brison also told the Herald he would be reviewing security tapes of the incident to identify what had happened. In 2012, another woman was thrown back by the powerful blast of an arriving JetBlue airliner.

Gayleen McEwan was the owner of Blenheim Palms Motel on Charles St. She ultimately recovered from her injuries though, he said.

The particular stretch of beach on the Dutch territory is popular with tourists, partly because the planes fly extremely low over the sand before landing.

He said dozens had been injured in recent years by jet blasts but this was the first time someone had died.

"Police patrols on a daily basis visit that area during the busy hours to warn persons to stay away from that area during take off".

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