Tourist Killed by Jet Blast at Beach Famous for Low-Flying Planes

Tourist Killed by Jet Blast at Beach Famous for Low-Flying Planes

A thrill-seeking tourist on the Caribbean island country of St Maarten was killed Wednesday after a blast from a jet that was taking off nearby knocked her down, police said.

The woman was a part of a group of tourists that stood near a fence that separated the runway from a narrow road and the beach.

The woman was taken to the hospital, where she was declared dead.

"Many people come just for the thrill of this main attraction, and unfortunately this time someone lost their life", said Henson.

Despite warning signs, videos circulating online show tourists clinging to the fence to prevent being blown away and even almost being lifted off the ground. This is probably the closest thing to a literal version of pins and needles.

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Back in 2012, a girl, believed to be in the same area as the tourist who passed away, was blown by a plane's engines.

There's less than 50m from the end of the runway to the water. Local police patrol the area at peak times advising people of the risk of the jet-blast. As a 13-year-old at the time, running up to the fence behind a 747 in front of my father sitting at the famous Sunset Beach Bar with his camera would probably have set alarm bells ringing. Please be advised, the footage may be hard to watch for some.

The best sight for tourists for many years was the occasional Boeing 747, the best icon of the airport. It's publically accessible land and because of the lack of space, there aren't any physical alterations that could be made in the future to remove the ability for people to stand close by.