Hamilton fastest before rain hits Silverstone — Formula One

Hamilton fastest before rain hits Silverstone — Formula One

Championship leader Sebastian Vettel had to cut short his trial with the so-called 'shield' on Friday after complaining of dizziness. "I tried it this morning and I got a bit dizzy", Vettel told the press.

When asked if the device, which extends along the car's nose in front of the driver, impacted on his ability to get in and out of the car, he said: "For sure it doesn't help".

In any case, further development work will be required before the 'Shield' is given the green light for next season as the FIA hopes will be the case.

The Shield has been pushed as more visually appealing compared to the Halo, with the screen developed by Italian company Isoclima.

"I think it's because of the curvature, you get quite a bit of distortion, plus you get quite a bit of downwash down the straight pushing the helmet forward".

"We've let him down with the head-rest and we've let him down with the gearbox and now it's about time to fight back and hopefully that's going to happen at Silverstone".

Vettel admitted to minor visibility concerns when trialling the Halo at the British GP last year, yet he was also a vocal proponent of the cockpit protection device.

"On Friday you don't run maximum performance".

"Then obviously it depends on how it feels tomorrow". "The drivers are very divided [on cockpit safety]".