King and Queen of Spain visit Westminster Abbey

King and Queen of Spain visit Westminster Abbey

King Felipe of Spain has been accused of ignoring Gibraltar's right to determine its own future in his address to parliament during his state visit to the UK.

The Spanish royals then enjoyed a private lunch with the royal family at Buckingham Palace, traveling in separate carriages with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

The Spanish state visit marks an important milestone in the king's calendar.

As he arrived in London, the flag of Gibraltar was on display outside the Houses of Parliament.

Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis told the event that Spain wanted a Britain that continued to be "bound together" with the rest of Europe.

The territory's status was "not up for discussion or negotiation", he added.

The wind died down and the sun broke through the clouds just as the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh stepped on to the dais at Horse Guards.

In what was likely to be interpreted as a reference to the dispute, she said the two countries did not always see "eye to eye".

Queen Letizia and Queen Elizabeth

We deeply appreciate the significant contribution that Spain continues to make to this country and assure you of our enduring friendship in the future.

Spain's King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia's first-ever state visit to Britain has already kicked off with a bang. For the plane ride, Letizia chose a top and skirt combo from Hugo Boss, punctuated with python accessories and delicate drop earrings.

"In Gibraltar the people have spoken loud and clear".

Anticipating the tone adopted later by his host, the king's speech was overwhelmingly conciliatory, speaking about shared history between the two countries as well as joint efforts against terrorism after four attacks in Britain this year.

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Prayers were also said for Queen Elizabeth and King Felipe and their respective governments.

The Queen also hosted a lavish state banquet at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday evening. The royal visit will last three days. Both royal lines are descended from Queen Victoria.

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