Brazil court dismisses Ryan Lochte case

Brazil court dismisses Ryan Lochte case

In the ruling, the judges found that "there is only a crime of false communication of a crime when the police take action from the narrative of the alleged victim - not when the story is officially registered after the authority has already begun to act". Whatever Lochte said in the interview with NBC did not constitute a false report, the court concluded.

"We are pleased that the court has finally dismissed the criminal prosecution against Mr. Lochte, while at the same time, appropriately recognizing that he committed no crime". They were then confronted and detained by two police officers who were acting as security guards.

But Cilic seemed distracted by a delay of a couple of minutes after his first-serve fault at 6-6, when a female spectator who appeared to feel ill was helped from her seat and out of the stands. His suspension left him unable to compete at last month's U.S. nationals, making him ineligible for the world championships later this month in Budapest. The decision has not yet been published and prosecutors have 15 days to decide whether they will challenge the ruling.

Surveillance video shows Ryan Lochte, Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger and Jimmy Feigen at a gas station in Rio de Janeiro, where they claimed they were robbed by armed men posing as cops.

A USA Today Sports investigation following the incident determined that Lochte's account of what happened at the gas station was substantially true, despite embellishments.

"It's traumatic to be out late with your friends in a foreign country - with a language barrier - and have a stranger point a gun at you and demand money to let you leave, but regardless of the behavior of anyone else that night, I should have been much more responsible in how I handled myself and for that am sorry to my teammates, my fans, my fellow competitors, my sponsors, and the hosts of this great event". He was then suspended for 10 months from the USA Swimming nation team and lost many sponsorships.

Lochte previously returned to non-USA Swimming sanctioned competition and is expected to make a run for a fifth Olympic team in 2020.

Since the scandal first broke, Lochte has completed a stint on "Dancing with the Stars" and welcomed son Caiden Zane with fiancée Kayla Rae Reid.