Grand Rapids doctor relates to McCain cancer diagnosis

Grand Rapids doctor relates to McCain cancer diagnosis

Glioblastoma, more commonly referred to as GBM, is known as the most aggressive type of brain cancer. In this approach, patients receive injections - directly in the brain - of immune cells genetically modified to recognize certain markers on cancer cells.

ABOUT THE AMERICAN BRAIN TUMOR ASSOCIATION Founded in 1973, the American Brain Tumor Association was the first national patient advocacy organization committed to funding brain tumor research and providing education and information for people of all tumor types and all ages. Novartis has expressed its support for moving the technology into solid tumors; the company told FierceBiotech in the spring that it's moving quickly on a CAR-T to treat ovarian cancer. "These promising results are of particular interest as the pharmacology of the THC:CBD product appears to be distinct from existing oncology medications and may offer a unique and possibly synergistic option for future glioma treatment". John McCain to wish him well following McCain's cancer diagnosis.

Dr. Reardon says the favorable location of Senator McCain's tumor, his overall good health, and his fortitude should serve him well and help him get back to the government work he holds so dear.

McCain's home state of Arizona, fortunately, has a medical marijuana program and cancer is a qualifying condition.

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Also in 2006, scientists at Harvard University found that THC slows tumor growth in lung cancer and "significantly reduces the ability of the cancer to spread".

That's standard, and the care can take weeks to months. A cap-like device that makes electric fields to fight cancer has been shown to improve survival odds for people with glioblastomas. "The majority of patients do not live more than 18 months and certainly not beyond two years".

Dr. Vogelbaum said how a person's tumor is treated is based more on their underlying health than their age. "I think that will be his goal", said Alguire.

"We're at the doorstep of it. We're seeing some of the early drugs come out that are doing just this".