Galaxy S9 To Sport Substrate Like PCB To Save Space

Galaxy S9 To Sport Substrate Like PCB To Save Space

According to a report in Etnews, which covers IT sector in Korea, Samsung will be using SLP (Substrate Like PCB).

A manufacturer also shared with the publication that it was gearing up to mass produce SLPs, which it would supply to Samsung Electronics for its next-gen smartphone.

The SLP circuit board is an advanced form of High Density Interconnect or HDI, which is the present convention.

It doesn't mean the Qualcomm version of Samsung Galaxy S9 will have a smaller battery than its Exynos counterpart. Its impact is enormous on many industries as introduction of new technologies and changes in strategies can completely change current market structures.

Rumors continue to suggest that the Note 8 will have a 6.3-inch screen of QHD+, super AMOLED variety.

It is heard that Samsung Electronics is planning to use SLP starting from Galaxy S9 that has its won AP called 'Exynos'.

Samsung is introducing a new model for its Galaxy S8 smartphone line featuring a metal frame, larger battery and shatter-resistant screen. An SLP doubles the efficiency of the device it is being used on as it increases the layers, as well as decreases the width and area via "semiconductor package technology". As number of demands for TSPs that were supplied from outside is starting to disappear, size of related markets for parts and materials is expected to be reduced.

Samsung is increasing the production of Y-OCTA screens to meet the massive demand. This raises the question whether all Galaxy S9 models will house SLPs.

The Galaxy S8 Active, which the South Korean company says has passed military specification testing, is geared toward users in environments such as extreme outdoor sporting events and construction sites, where a standard device may succumb to wear and tear. Batteries, most especially, haven't changed that much in the past decade or so and the only solution has been to just use larger and larger batteries while also trying to be more efficient in their use. The Galaxy S9 will likely be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress next year. An SLP can satisfy both conditions, allowing the Galaxy S9 to feature a bigger battery while maintaining crisp thin bezels at the same time.