Samsung Galaxy S9: Everything We Know So Far

Samsung Galaxy S9: Everything We Know So Far

To use a smartphone for a longer period, the device needs to pack in a bigger and powerful battery that offers plenty of juice. ETNews claims that it was confirmed that Samsung Electronics is planning to use SLP starting with Galaxy S9 that will be released in 2018.

The end result is that an SLP mainboard will be able to fit the same, maybe even more, components as today's smartphones but at a fraction of the space taken up by conventional mainboards. Two of the world's largest smartphone vendors (Samsung and Apple) switching to SLP will leave many suppliers scrambling to catch up with the technological developments.

SLP is a natural evolution of current PCB technology, and Samsung would likely make use of it even without Apple leading the way.

Sources told the Korean publication that Samsung has started preparing for SLP production with four Korean PCB manufacturers including Samsung Electro-Mechanics. Apple is also eying the same strategy for its 2018 models. Its share more than doubled in the second quarter from 3.8 percent in the first quarter thanks to brisk sales of Galaxy S8 series in Japan. The report states that Samsung is currently sourcing substrates from 10 different companies. The industry insiders have let slip that only the Exynos variant of the Galaxy S9 will deploy this space saving technology. Other mainboard manufacturers are expected to lose business. However it is predicted that application of SLP will quickly expand once initial introduction phase of SLP passes by.

Just like batteries, the main board of phones haven't seen much change. The iPhone 8's mainboard is also expected to pack SLP tech, reports said.

Rumors regarding Samsung's upcoming flagship, Galaxy S9 are already surfacing on the net.

Samsung is reportedly working closely with Qualcomm on a next generation Snapdragon processor, speculated to be called the Snapdragon 845. The only solution manufacturers have come up with is making them bigger and or adding fast charge.

The Galaxy S9's motherboard may be stacked per industry insiders.