US, China agree on toughest sanctions on North Korea

US, China agree on toughest sanctions on North Korea

"The more desperately the U.S. works to realize its ambition for 'nuclear dismantlement of the north' through 'maximum pressure and engagement, ' the more dynamically the DPRK has stepped up diversifying and modernizing its nuclear force", it said.

It also emphasized the U.S. supports Seoul's leading role in paving the foundation of peace on the Korean Peninsula.

"So, the body decided that instead of a few not having a bilateral, a message will be delivered to the North Koreans", he said.

"What we would expect to see this year at the meeting would be a general chorus of condemnation of North Korea's provocative behaviour", Ms Susan Thornton, the acting US assistant secretary of state, told reporters in Washington.

The draft text would also prevent North Korea from increasing the number of workers it sends abroad, prohibit all new joint ventures and ban new investment in the current joint companies.

After lengthy negotiations, the U.S. reached a deal on related measures with China, the top trading partner and ally of the North, they said.

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Under the proposed measure, North Korean vessels caught violating UN resolutions would be banned from entering ports in all countries.

The clarification by the foreign ministry came as North Korea's second successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile last week triggered active debates in the U.S. on how to rein in the unruly country.

The report said the ban reflects Washington's view of Pyongyang as an enemy and reiterated that President Donald Trump's administration should abandon its hostile policies towards the North.

South-east Asia's foreign ministers are set to deliver a "strong message" to compel North Korea to halt its intercontinental ballistic missiles tests that have deepened global fears.

China and Russia have meanwhile insisted that sanctions alone will not change Pyongyang's behavior and that talks are needed to address the crisis. The official said that the statement does not seem to show any differences from the North's existing position.