Venezuela the new "dictatorship"

Venezuela the new

The Opposition and his critics, however, view it as a way to wield more authoritative power over the administration.

Foreign ministers from 17 Western Hemisphere nations, however, refused to recognise the new "all-powerful body", AP reported.

Muchacho, who has been sentenced to 15 months in prison, is the fourth opposition mayor to be arrested in the past two weeks.

The government said the removal was necessary because Ortega herself is under investigation for fanning political violence.

Some left-wingers, such as Britain's Jeremy Corbyn, imagine that Venezuela's "Bolivarian revolution" is a promising experiment in social justice.

The court is hearing a similar case against the mayor of another Caracas district, David Smolansky of El Hatillo.

Maduro says the 545-member assembly will bring peace and prosperity to Venezuela. Her arrest confirmed opposition fears that the assembly would be used to get rid of anti-Maduro officials. "H$3 ow can you support the death of 124 young people who defended liberty and democracy in their country", Kempes, who is now an ESPN commentator, wrote.

"It is without a doubt today's most pertinent forum for dialogue", he said.

Prior to that exchange, US national security adviser H.R. McMaster likened Maduro to Syria's Bashar al-Assad and North Korea's Kim Jong Un.

On Tuesday, the Constituent Assembly, which does not include opposition supporters due to their boycott, convened in the same building as the opposition-controlled National Assembly and decreed itself superior to all other government institutions.

In recent months the already difficult economic and political situation in Venezuela has escalated to a humanitarian crisis following Venezuela's controversial election.

"A contingent of the National Guard with the President of the National Assembly took the Assembly by force where parliament operates".

A statement signed by the 12 nations also condemned Venezuela for not allowing foreign donations of food and medicine and for the systematic violations of human rights.

Arreaza delivered to each ambassador a formal protest against the meeting which issued a declaration outlining 16 measures to increase pressure against President Nicolas Maduro. "Witnesses spoke of security forces firing tear gas and buckshot at anti-Government protestors without warning. No new pre-payments are planned", the company told investors on a conference call.

Around 20 men led by an army officer who had deserted battled troops in the base in the third-largeset city of Valencia for three hours early Sunday, officials said.