Google might release Android O on August 21st: Expected features

Google might release Android O on August 21st: Expected features

We have no idea what caused the schedule change, but at the very least, we may soon find out what Android O stands for. DP5 is now available within the Android Things Console, but the DP5 update will not be pushed automatically to devices without your intervention. The inclusion of an octopus as an Easter egg inside the latest Android O beta suggests Google might be ditching desserts and moving to underwater molluscs instead. According to Android Police's David Ruddock, Google has delayed the arrival of the consumer version of Android O to Pixel smartphones. The Twitter personality has confirmed that Google has planned to officially launch the Android O on August 21. Android O, back at Google I/O this year. Here are the some of the Android O New features. This will let users view the count without opening the app. Users will also get the option to turn off the notification badges for apps from the Settings app. Android O succeeds the company's current-generation mobile OS, Android Nougat. You can watch the YouTube while you are in another app also by using Picture in Picture feature.

Among the headlining features in Android O are battery-saving background restrictions, a new battery menu, battery percentage indicator tweaks and new Hi-Fi Bluetooth codecs.

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Obviously, Google's own phones including the newly launched Pixel, Pixel XL and some of the Nexus devices will be the first ones to receive the upgrade. So unless and until Google feels like that the update is ready for the final rollout, unfortunately, users won't be getting their hands on the new software. When the Developer Preview process is completed, it flags, it will differentiate between hardware platforms targeted for prototyping-only. We can expect above all the features in the Android O operating system.