Motorola Phones May Soon Have Self Repairing Displays

Motorola Phones May Soon Have Self Repairing Displays

I'd stab Darryn in the fact for a phone with a screen that could heal itself.

A newly-filed patent shows that Motorola is planning to build a thermal self-repairing phone, covered with shape memory polymer materials or 'Smart Glass'.The self repairing tech will detect cracks on its external smart glass and notify the user. It's a panel that's not made out of glass, but a plastic polymer.

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Why OnePlus and Motorola opted to arrange the screen in such a way remains uncertain, but one of the reasons might be design-related. However, after public outcry, the smartphone maker finally confessed that it was a problem and said that a fix would be released soon in the form of an update. Speaking of displays, Motorola recently came in the news for the Moto Z2 Force's 'Jelly Like' scrolling effect, similar to what was found with the OnePlus 5 smartphone as well.

Earlier this year, in April, Business Insider reported that the Chemists at the University of California, Riverside, created a new materiel for a self-healing smartphone. "The glue underneath the paint doesn't harden, it stays in a fluid state which helps the film to recover from something such as a nasty scratch". This comparison led to the discovery that the Lenovo device refreshes in the opposite direction to that of the Galaxy S8+, further reinforcing that the inverted screen is the main cause of the issue. Under the raised temperature, the "smart glass" will wiggle its molecules around, trying to restore its original shape. Meaning we can expect it to cost more than your average smartphones since it would essentially allow the need to get your display replaced. Basically, only minor deformations can be fixed using this. It's not clear how Motorola plans to solve this, anyway, since it's a hardware issue. As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!