Chael Sonnen says he knows who's next for McGregor and when

Chael Sonnen says he knows who's next for McGregor and when

"I thought that was a fair-play move on my behalf and I came in and I won". I didn't ask for the rematch at a lower weight, I asked for the rematch at the exact same weight.

The event was initially delayed due to reports of technical difficulties, which occurred on both the Showtime and UFC apps, Sports Illustrated reports. I mean, a good two fighters. It is they who ensure the success of an event. Firas breaks down McGregor's punching power, adding that it's not simply about who punches the hardest in the fight. Everyone knows that. So he needs to get paid at least $30m easy'.

The two are 1-1 in welterweight fights, with McGregor having won their last bout.

Paulie Malignaggi and Conor McGregor have been engaging one another in verbal battles well before the Mayweather vs McGregor 'Money Fight' was announced. Imagine the mentality of getting through six tough rounds with one of the sport's greatest ever and knowing you're only half way there. The boxing veteran is confident that he'd make McGregor quit in their fight.

"Come on. UFC's making a whole lot of money - a whole lot of money, and they're pocketing it. They're giving more to McGregor, so it's not fair because it takes two of them in that ring to draw a crowd". Mayweather's disclosed purse was already a guaranteed $100 million, while McGregor's was $30 million.

His remarkable boxing debut, last weekend, saw McGregor take on one of the most decorated and experienced fighters in history, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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El dato relevante acá es que Sabalero le reembolsará a los teutones 3.200.000 por los impuestos y quedarse con 4.000.000. De este dinero, 10.800.000 le corresponden al " Millonario ", que tenía el 60 por ciento de los derechos económicos.

McGregor is offering Diaz a shot at his lightweight title should the California fighter want to meet him for a third time.

"At least $20 to 30 million", he told Submission Radio bluntly. In fact, his Nike lifetime contract is predicted to be worth over one billion dollars.

Attar added that McGregor has no plans of retirement after his biggest payday against Mayweather. People would pay to see that.

"Where we are right now, I think I can say with 52% authority that we'll break the record", the official said.

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