Motorists seeing sharply higher gas prices in New Jersey

Motorists seeing sharply higher gas prices in New Jersey

Big jumps at the pump have already been seen in Kansas communities.

The national average price for a gallon of regular jumped almost 7 cents to $2.52 a gallon on Friday, according to AAA.

Because the prices are expected to rise even more, both Fernandez and AAA say Thursday is your best bet to save on gas, especially heading into the holiday weekend.

A few stations Channel 3 visited on Friday ran out, but experts said there's no reason to race to the gas station to fill up.

"When I was there pumping gas in my wife's vehicle, the big sign changed to $2.49", Hug said. "But by mid-September, we believe prices will start to drop and alleviate some of the pressure on consumers' wallets".

"I think it'll just last a little bit".

How long will this last?

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Just like the banks, Sitton said there's plenty of supply, but it will take longer to get that gasoline to the stations due to the high demand.

In Texas, where Harvey caused massive flooding, the price per gallon was $2.26 which is 12 cents higher when the hurricane threatened Texas last week. A year ago, they were $2.33.

"I'm out of gas and then yeah, I saw it went up 20 cents".

"It should be the exception". Harvey is "reducing flow from pipelines as well as shutting down some refineries, which is in turn tightening gasoline supplies".

Earlier this week, Governor Terry McAuliffe and other governors in the southeast region asked the Environmental Protection Agency to waive a requirement for production of summer blends of gasoline at this time. According to DOE, it will continue to review incoming requests for oil in the reserve, meaning that it could release more if deemed necessary.

Don Deaver, a pipeline engineer, says most refineries that experience hurricane winds or water damage are back up and running within one month, and Dr. Barrett says one they're up and running, prices should be back to normal.

That doesn't surprise some drivers. "When I came in, it was $2.08". "There's no telling what it'll be", Arlos Dempsey from Chattanooga said.