Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Release Date Is October 17th

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Release Date Is October 17th

Microsoft has announced the release date for the next major release of Windows 10. Now, the company stated that the update would be coming to Windows 10 devices from the 17th of October.

The reason for the delay has not yet been confirmed, and has sparked some confusion since Tron-inspired teaser trailer, with its neon lines and pulsing electronic music seemed timed to coincide with the Microsoft keynote announcement.

The update for Windows 10 will also include eye-tracking with a beta test of the Tobii Eye Control navigation system, without the need for extra hardware.

The next major update for Windows 10 is reportedly going to be released next month. Prices will begin at $299 (USD) for the Acer version, with the HP version priced at $329 and Dell's Visor' priced at $349.99.

Windows Inking keeps getting better by letting users ink directly onto PDF documents, making it easier and faster to comment and share with others, improving on what can be done with pen and paper alone.

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A video summary of the current situation with the Windows 10 MR devices is available to view below.

Customers can save their creations in OneDrive Files On-Demand, accessing their cloud files like any other file on their PC without using up their local storage. Aimed at making Windows more modern and sophisticated by adding effects with lighting and transparency, this is a welcomed feature and makes Windows a bit more appealing for the user.

Win10 will also offer "Game Mode", which allows video gamers to devote the full processing power of their computers to what they are playing, as if it was an Xbox game console, the company said.

Microsoft also announced plans by manufacturers of PCs and virtual-reality headsets to introduce new hardware for businesses, consumers and video gamers to take advantage of so-called "mixed reality" features in the October software release. The setup is simple, and does not require users to mount cameras around the room - just put the headset on, plug it into a PC and get started.