Kirby Star Allies Recruits Enemies On Nintendo Switch

Kirby Star Allies Recruits Enemies On Nintendo Switch

Nintendo announced that a new Kirby game is due out for the Nintendo 3DS in early 2018 starting in January.

Yep, the first few minutes of this Nintendo Direct were devoted to Nintendo 3DS and 2DS games, one of which just happens to be a handheld version of the game your kids still can't get enough of.

People have quickly fallen in love with Buff Dedede if Twitter is anything to go by. Those allies will either be CPU players, or you can have friends on the couch with you play, too! You can also share the elemental attributes of copy abilities with other players, such as turning a bomb power up into a tornado bomb that can make you float.

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Next up during the presentation we learned about the upcoming Kirby Star Allies, which was previously essentially a nameless Kirby adventure.

We'll also be getting Kirby Battle Royal on 3DS, a 3D multiplayer competitive game where Kirbys of different copy abilities duke it out. You can also fight against bosses. There are ten battle modes, available both online and locally. There's a Battle Arena Mode where they all fight until the last standing Kirby as well as an Express Mode where the goal is to horde treasure.