Apple unveils three new iPhones, hails 'biggest leap forward'

Apple unveils three new iPhones, hails 'biggest leap forward'

Using the TrueDepth camera on the front, the iPhone X can produce custom-made emojis (look at that panda) that can move with your facial expressions and laugh.

The iPhone 8 offers high-quality video ever, especially as it analyses two million tiles on-screen every second (even during 4K at 60fps) to keep the picture looking as good as it can do.

A portion of the further developed and new highlights to be incorporated into the iPhone X won't really move to the iPhone 8 Plus.

Another option? Instead of buying outright, iPhone users can essentially lease their phone and qualify for a newer one each year through Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program. However, there are concerns that the phone's high price tag will ward off many Chinese shoppers. Combined with control sparing usefulness incorporated with iOS 11, and with potential remote charging innovation likewise incorporated, this will imply that the iPhone 8 Plus is impressively more advantageous to utilize.

Speaking of Xiaomi, on Monday, the day before Apple unveiled its latest model, the Chinese company released its "iPhone 8 killer", The Mi Mix 2, its most expensive device, retailing at 4,699 yuan with all the bells and whistles. And it supposedly it works in the dark, at angles, with or without makeup and even if you grow a beard too.

As the firm celebrates its tenth year, it is only fitting that it calls its headline product iPhone X ('ten').

The new iPhones have officially debuted.

Apple even designed its own GPU, a three-core version that's up to 30 percent faster than the GPU in the iPhone 7. With the battery in the last era iPhone 7 Plus having been 2900mAh, this implies it is likely that the power house in the bigger iPhone will surpass 3,000mAh. The company is now also calling its stores 'Town Squares'. Here are the the most exciting Phone X features that Apple announced and that you will get when you buy the new phone.

Admittedly the idea of glass on both the front and the back of the phone just seems like a one-way-ticket to spending your whole life getting your screen fixed, but Apple is quick to assure anyone that this is the strongest glass found on any smartphone in the world. The store will sell the usual Apple products and accessories, along with custom shirts bearing the circular logo of Apple Park's main building for $40. This would raise doubt about whether the Face ID framework will be incorporated into the iPhone 8 Plus too.

The display, which is a glass design reinforced by steel, is said to be most durable ever in a smartphone.

Greater China accounted for about 18% of iPhone sales in the quarter ended July, making it its third biggest market after the US and Europe. Other important improvements are the Watch's water resistance and wireless charging abilities.

Now, what we've all been waiting for, the feature that is going to allow us to take the best selfies yet.