Miami Belted By Storm Surge As Hurricane Irma Blasts Florida's West Coast

Miami Belted By Storm Surge As Hurricane Irma Blasts Florida's West Coast

It was likely to regain Category 4 status before striking Florida, said NHC spokesman Dennis Feltgen.

Strong winds and storm surge along the coast are threats, but heavy rainfall over the same areas are another. The National Hurricane Center said water levels in Naples rose 7ft (2.1m) in just 90 minutes.

"Pray, pray for everybody in Florida", Governor Rick Scott said on Fox News.

Irma, one of the fiercest Atlantic storms in a century, was expected to rip through Florida's southern archipelago on Sunday morning.

But unlike with Harvey, dangerous winds will barely abate once Irma makes landfall on Sunday morning.

"The season", it said, "has the potential to be extremely active, and could be the most active since 2010".

"We're 30 plus feet above sea level and in a place that's built to withstand 225 mph winds - I mean that's a better chance than being exposed out on the highway in traffic trying to make it to Georgia".

The President added that the response and recovery is "gonna cost a lot of money". Some defiantly stayed, vowing to ride out the storm despite the warnings that the decision may cost them their lives.

"I'd be lying if I said there weren't any distractions", FAU quarterback Daniel Parr, a South Floridian, said after the Owls lost 31-14 to the ninth-ranked Badgers.

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"It's going to stress our storm water and sewer capacity". Now it has around 3 million people.

Leakage from the radiation and toxins created by the state's phosphorus mining industry - the largest in the nation - as well as from the 51 Superfund sites. "That's why everyone in the Keys was urged so strongly to evacuate".

It is a shocking view, flying onto the island of Barbuda. The death toll from that storm has reached 70.

By late-afternoon on Sunday, it was a category 3 storm with winds of 115 mph.

Waves crash over a seawall at the mouth of the Miami River from Biscayne Bay. As it can handle about two C-130 planes at a time, the plan is to land two every two hours, keeping a steady flow of goods.

Irma's hurricane-force winds can be felt up to 80 miles from its center, and tropical-storm winds extend up to 220 miles. Florida, Florida State and Central Florida cancelled their home games this weekend; Miami and South Florida weren't able to go play their road games. Somewhere between Miami and Georgia was his guess; all he knew was she was leaving in an effort to get as far away from Irma as Florida roadways jam-packed by other evacuees would allow. "(We) quickly identified some issues inside the facility with fire rescue and immediately evacuated the building", Katz said. The accound has been retweeted by Seth Rogen, William Shatner, Jake Tapper and Sen. He doesn't know when his mother is going home - and for that matter, he doesn't know when he's going home.

At least a quarter of the homes in the Keys were destroyed, according to federal emergency management officials, and 65 per cent suffered some damage.

"He was staying in one of the classrooms", Khan explained.

At least 25 people died when Irma earlier hit several Caribbean islands.