Corps of Engineers to rebuild Puerto Rico's infrastructure — FEMA

Corps of Engineers to rebuild Puerto Rico's infrastructure — FEMA

Millions of the US commonwealth's residents are without power, water or gas more than a week after Hurricane Maria.

First of all, you need to know what the Jones Act is and how exactly it's hurting Puerto Rico at the moment. He is on par with Sarah Palin, only he carries it better because he has more money to polish the turd. She slammed the Trump administration's claim that Puerto Rico is a "good news story" regarding needed aid reaching the island by saying, "Dammit, this is not a good news story". But, she said, they couldn't, because they were waiting on orders from the Trump administration.

Trump waived the requirement Thursday, more than a week after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. The general number for the Senate is (202) 224-3121, and an operator there will connect you with your specific senator's office. Buchanan has served four tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.

"The people of New York City and Puerto Rico are inextricably linked with many of our residents having Puerto Rican roots and family and friends on the Island". "It's been really slow".

Jose Ayala, vice president of operations for the Crowley shipping company, told CNN Thursday that at least 10,000 containers were sitting in the San Juan port, filled with "food, water, medical aid, everything".

Economic growth will be the only true long-term solution to Puerto Rico's challenges.

President Donald Trump pledged to help Puerto Ricans recover basic necessities and security in Maria's ruinous aftermath as his homeland security chief tried to escape a tempest of her own making, set off when she called Washington's response to the hurricane a "good-news story". Altogether, 46 U.S. flag vessels and six foreign flag vessels delivered fuel to Florida after the Jones Act waiver. Getting to Vieques was treacherous for CNN's Weir since his pilot had to fly on sight alone because of broken radar.

Starting Thursday, truck drivers carrying essentials became exempt from a government-mandated evening curfew instituted to prevent looting, he said, and certain gas stations have been designated just for trucks at night. They are Tote Maritime, Trailer Bridge and Crowley. "We need medication, antibiotics, tetanus shots, we've seen a lot of trauma basically, (we need) antibiotics and medication for hypertension". But she still managed to serve up hot meals for people left with little in Marias wake.

But it was a reminder of Trump's unrelenting penchant for punching back against critics, whatever the circumstances. The distribution of diesel to hospitals, which will use them to operate power generators, increased over the last day, the governor said.

“Im from here. I believe we have to step up to the task. The Jones Act needs to be rescinded.

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The island lost $780 million in agriculture yields, according to the department's preliminary figures.

Puerto Rico also has more contaminants to worry about thanks to the coal industry, which has been stockpiling coal ash in southern Puerto Rico. A recent poll suggests that nearly half of all Americans don't realize that the islanders facing starvation, disease and worse are their fellow citizens.

When NBC News executive Janelle Rodriguez sends someone new to Puerto Rico, she makes sure they bring extra suitcases packed with water and non-perishable food.

Asked if this was in response to reported looting on Vieques, Rosselló said he had not heard those reports.

23, 2017 photo, homes lay scattered after the passing of Hurricane Maria in Roseau, the capital of the island of Dominica. "Puerto Rico practically will have no income for the next month", he told reporters.

Walmart has committed $5 million in support of Hurricane Maria relief efforts.

On Wednesday, Trump suggested again that he would not waive the restriction.

Before the storm, the island's government was in the midst of bitter negotiations with creditors to restructure a portion of its $73 billion in debt, which the previous governor declared unpayable.

Elaine Duke made the comments upon landing in San Juan.