Madrid representative in Catalonia apologizes for police violence during independence vote

Madrid representative in Catalonia apologizes for police violence during independence vote

The Catalan language enjoys equal status with Spanish and is used in the schools.

The wider EuroStoxx 50 index has also remained unaffected, posting a steady rise and trading at 3,602 by Tuesday morning (3 October). Or, if the Spanish government intervenes to stop the vote, as is its right under the constitution, he could use that as a pretext for a unilateral declaration of independence.

Madrid is largely supportive of the central government, but there are pockets of people who have protested the police's heavy-handed treatment of voters in the north. A pro-unity demonstration is planned for Madrid on Saturday and in Barcelona on Sunday.

The International Monetary Fund's (IMF) country head in Spain, Andrea Schaechter, has said tensions in Catalonia could affect confidence and investment decisions. Meanwhile, Puigdemont has said he wants to address the region's Parliament on Tuesday. "There was no macro-planning on a general level".

Her remarks come after a tumultuous period for Catalonia, including the violent suppression of Sunday's independence referendum. Many of those opposed to Catalonian independence boycotted the vote, believing it to be illegitimate.

The announcement comes a day after Spain's Constitutional Court ordered the suspension of the session which was scheduled to begin on Monday. A National Grid spokesperson said the outages originated at a Curry Road substation in Schenectady, and crews are on the way to fix the problem.

The near-death experience of 1995 prompted Ottawa to clarify the rules.

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Madrid has said there will be no talks or mediation until the Catalans abandon the independence bid. A small red hatchback pulled up and a man and woman popped the trunk, grabbed a plastic bag with the ballot boxes inside, and hustled them through the hushed crowd and into the school.

Mr Trapero was not retained by the Spanish courts, but the fractures in Catalan society over independence continue to widen. The issue was an internal matter, it said, to be dealt within the constitutional order of Spain.

In past referendums, federal leaders took part, backed the "No" side, and campaigned against the sovereigntists. That may be why Madrid decided it had every right to send in police to close down polling stations. They then did the recount in a home in an isolated area.

Spain's Interior Ministry said the departures Thursday had been previously scheduled, as contracts ended with some of the hotels hosting the police reinforcements.

The " yes "to independence has received 2,044 million votes, the" no " 177.000 (7,83 %), for a participation rate of 43,03 %. Flights to and from Barcelona airport were not affected.

Christopher Dottie, president of the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain, said that independence would mean new risks for businesses.

Josep Lluís Trapero appeared in the Spanish capital along with two leading figures in the Catalan independence movement. Analysts say the ANC has been the driving force behind the independence movement. In what looks like the first apology from the central government, Enric Millo, the government's representative in Catalonia, extended an olive branch in a televised comment on Friday. Catalan nationalists also feel suppressed by the Spanish government, claiming their negligence to give Catalans back what they contribute to the country economically.