No dialogue until Catalonia drops independence bid — Spain

No dialogue until Catalonia drops independence bid — Spain

The Spanish government is in the process of making it easier for companies headquartered in Catalonia to switch their head office to another part of Spain.

Native Catalan Adriana Espinet, professor of productions and operations management in the Wake Forest Global Business program, is one of the many professors who was vocal to her students about her stance on the issue.

This is seen as a potential flashpoint for more violence after a Spanish court suspended the parliament session fearing Catalan separatists could use it to declare independence from Spain.

Asset reaction Monday's potential for fresh unrest in Spain has seen the country's IBEX 35 (:.IBEX) index slump to a session low.

On Wednesday, Barcelona lawyers set up a commission to promote talks bringing together trade unions, economists and even the city's famed Barcelona soccer club. Meanwhile, Madrid has vowed to do everything in its power to stop the independence declaration.

"The consequences of Catalonia detaching from Spain are, first of all, we would find ourselves out of the EU".

Catalan officials say the final numbers show 90 percent of votes in favor of independence by the 2.28 million who voted - 43 percent of the region's eligible voters.

Puigdemont has asked now to address the regional parliament Tuesday to "report on the current political situation".

Many Catalans have long highlighted the region's differences from the rest of Spain but the latest surge for independence really began in 2010, when Spain's top court struck down key parts of a charter that would have granted Catalonia greater autonomy and recognized it as a nation within Spain.

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"I can only say sorry" for the injuries, Millo told Catalonia's TV3 television. In the aftermath of the vote, 700,000 people demonstrated against police violence on referendum day.

Some 890 people and 30 police officers were injured on Sunday. Some jumped into a fountain and danced. Shares in both banks rallied yesterday on the news but have today given up some of those gains.

Tensions between Catalonia and the Spanish central government are at an all time high. "We know that it was not very good what happened last Sunday".

Catalonia is a large northeastern region in Spain, consisting of four large provinces with Barcelona as the capital.

The decree would allow CaixaBank to transfer its legal and tax base without needing to hold a shareholders' meeting as stated in its statutes.

On the day of the referendum, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy characterized the crackdown that brought about nearly 900 injuries as a liberal move designed to protect Spanish democracy. Costa said the possibility of more clashes with national police would hopefully be avoided. The scenes brought worldwide condemnation and fanned separatist feeling but failed to prevent what the Catalan government described as an overwhelming 'yes' vote.

Laplana, who had remained in Barcelona, declined to testify for medical reasons while Cuixart refused to testify, saying he didn't recognize the court's capacity to question him for a crime he didn't commit.

It is unclear how widespread Vila's moderate position is inside the Catalan government, which is being pressured from separatist grassroots groups and the far-left party CUP to declare independence soon.

With its own language and cultural traditions, demands for independence in Catalonia date back centuries but have surged during recent years of economic crisis.