Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Won the Smartphone Race against the IPhone X

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Won the Smartphone Race against the IPhone X

Last week there was a news report pointing out that an iPhone 8 Plus had ripped open because of a swollen battery.

With this score, it will be a while before another smartphone trumps the Pixel 2 and breaks the DxOMark scale. Someone in Japan then posted photos of a split-apart phone on Twitter. The Galaxy S8 sales have brought in an estimated $10.1 billion for Samsung while through iPhone X it stands to make $14 billion.

Scoring 94 points, the DxO team said that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 'comes out as an outstanding choice for the smartphone photography enthusiast'.

The company also boasts of the Smartphone's water and dust resistant S-Pen, its 6.3 infinity display and the new dual-lens 12MP camera which they anticipate to set it aside from other players. However, this feature is regardless offered by the Pixel XL 2, thanks to its software smarts, and it actually works impressively well. The Counterpoint Market Research revealed the complex business relationship that exists between Apple and Samsung.

The truth is that any phone can explode when it's exposed to any number of factors, like too much heat, damage, or even using cheap third-party chargers, which can cause damage to a phone battery. You have probably heard of how Samsung's Note 7 dreams literally went up in flames. Just head over to the Settings menu and toggle the Voice control switch to On. The Chinese brands are growing fast when compared to industry leaders due to their high-quality offerings at competitive prices with attractive designs and innovative features.

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The engineers at DxOMark follow a meticulous process so as to rate a phone's camera. Consequently, a smartphone user finds more value in exorbitantly expensive iPhone than any other Android handset. However, all's not well with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus - some users have been facing issues with their iPhone 8/8 Plus's batteries swelling, rendering the phone dangerous and unusable.

But then came October 4. The iPhone X has OLED display and memory chips that are manufactured by Samsung. There have been issues like antennagate in the past.

Cool Tip: You can also enable the floating camera button on your Note8. That should remain the case for the foreseeable.

So Samsung embracing the under-display fingerprint sensor may be a stop-gap until it can match Apple's Face ID. Further down the line, the prospect of flexible products will keep the technology relevant for years to go.