Cook County Board repeals controversial soda tax

Cook County Board repeals controversial soda tax

But one county commissioner has voiced his opinion of why he voted to retain the tax.

Commissioners voted 15-1 in favor of repealing the so-called soda tax. "Although the tax's impact on local communities has been significant, we are inspired by the way Cook County residents channeled their outrage into an overwhelming grassroots response".

Suffredin also highlights one other important component of the repeal that not many have talked about.

The country's largest soda tax was levied and two months after it the oppressed lawmakers in Cook County are already assured to invalidate it.

"Nothing good has come from Cook County's beverage tax". The ordinance eliminates the so-called soda tax beginning December 1, the first day of fiscal year 2018. Groceries, restaurants and convenience stores complained the tax was driving consumers to neighboring jurisdictions to avoid the tax.

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Repeal could force the closure of community health centers, delay property tax bills and force the county to borrow money to purchase "new election equipment to protect our voting systems from cyber attacks", Preckwinkle said.

The tax also applies to hundreds of premade sweetened beverages besides pop.

After delays related to a lawsuit from the Illinois Retail Merchants Association, the tax on sugary beverages went into effect this past August.

"Part of the job of being board president is making tough choices, but another part of this job is understanding that not every choice you make will be embraced by your colleagues or constituents and accepting when you need to make a change", she said. The county, which includes Chicago and its suburbs, was the sixth USA municipality to tax sweetened drinks. Board President Toni Preckwinkle is considering his options, including vetoing the repeal. San Francisco and Seattle will impose similar taxes January 1.