Saudi minister says he has 'confirmed information' on plot to kill Hariri

Saudi minister says he has 'confirmed information' on plot to kill Hariri

Iran has already extended its hegemony over Iraq, Lebanon and Syria; its deployment of forces in Iraq and Syria is a clear message that it is there for the long haul.

"Israel" will have to make its own decision when the time is right for that fight". This was quickly judged to be more than a rhetorical flourish by Sabhan, as the Saudi minister stressed that Riyadh will henceforth treat Lebanon as a "hostile government". "They felt he was not preventing their agenda and that he was influenced by Hezbollah and Iran". The Saudi intervention only made many Lebanese, including some Hariri supporters, resent the kingdom, fearing it will upset the delicate power-sharing structure among Lebanon's Shiites, Sunnis, Christians and other communities. He also stated that he senses a conspiracy to assassinate him. "I have sensed what is being plotted covertly to target my life", Hariri said.

"The Saudis felt that Hariri was not delivering and that Hezbollah and Iran were using [the governing arrangement] for their interest", said Shavit. A U.N. -backed tribunal has charged five Hezbollah members over the killing.

Forcing Hariri to quit the government would help Israel frame any aggression against Lebanon as an attack on Iranian proxies. "If Lebanon goes back to no functioning government and Hezbollah and Iran are seen as responsible for that, that damages the legitimacy of Hezbollah in Lebanon".

Hariri had served as a prime minister between 2009 and 2011 as well. Iran was sowing strife, destruction and ruin wherever it went and accused it of a "deep hatred for the Arab nation", he said.

Aoun's office said Hariri had called him from "outside Lebanon" to inform him of his resignation. He has postponed a visit to Kuwait and directed military and security agencies "to maintain stability", it said.

"Saudi Arabia is different than the terrorist state Iran". Afterwards, Velayati described Hariri's coalition as "a victory" and "great success". Its warning came a day after Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced his resignation. Hariri hoped he could represent the interests of the Sunni Muslim community and that his cabinet could restore governance and stability to Lebanon.

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Still, the kingdom is trying to hold influence in the mainly Sunni areas that remain out of Assad's hands.

The UN works on multiple fronts in Lebanon to support a peaceful, stable and democratic future in the country. In recent weeks, leading Christian politicians who oppose Hezbollah have also visited Saudi Arabia. Today they've more-or less declared war on Lebanon (because Hezbollah exists) and Iran (because Yemen shot a missile at them).

Beirut has adopted a position of "disassociation" from the conflict, but this has come under strain with Hezbollah and its allies pushing for a normalisation of ties.

Moreover, the UN has a longtime peacekeeping operation in Lebanon, the UN Interim Force in Lebanon "UNIFIL".

Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil told Reuters there was no danger to Lebanon's economy or its currency. One was the head of the Saudi National Guard.

Lebanon has one of the world's highest ratios of debt-to-GDP and last month passed its first budget since 2005, one of the few achievements of the coalition government.