What you need to know about glitches from iPhone update

What you need to know about glitches from iPhone update

Apple tasked Samsung to produce the iPhone X's OLED screen, but it's not clear yet whether this is an assembly defect on Apple's end or a manufacturing issue on Samsung's end.

First, it was iFixit who did a teardown of the iPhone X to better understand its internal structure, now SquareTrade, an insurance company that provides extended warranties for mobile devices and other electronic devices, carried out breakability tests on the iPhone X to check what happens when it slips out of one's hands. Having said that, the iPhone X is Apple's latest, greatest and the most expensive iPhone ever, hence Apple seems to be going the extra mile in ensuring users have a seamless experience when aboard, at all times.

Here's a sample of what some popular apps look like on the iPhone X and what needs to be changed. So if your iPhone X happens to develop such an issue – take it straight to the companys local office to get your replacement. It seems that the problem develops nearly spontaneously after a spell of normal usage.

The thin and green bright vertical line is appearing on the right edge of the users smartphones.

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The green line of death wasn't visible when the owners first took their iPhone X out of the box, but developed after some period of usage under normal conditions.

Early indications are that the problem isn't specific to a particular iPhone X model or location, with reports coming in from all over the world, and in both 64 and 256GB configurations.

Photos have been shared on the Apple Support Communities, Twitter, Reddit, and the MacRumors forums showing iPhone X units all exhibiting the issue. That same type of phenomena has affected similar OLED devices like the Samsung Galaxy S7 in the past, which lends more credence to the theory and proof that this is likely a hardware failure. Apples has put together a formidable consumer support infrastructure over the last few years, and is usually pretty helpful when problems are evident. The second issue that Apple must deal with has already been officially acknowledged by the corporation, and can perhaps be considered more serious.