Apple's £999 iPhone X suffering from 'crackly' audio, some users complain

Apple's £999 iPhone X suffering from 'crackly' audio, some users complain

Ever since the Apple's most expensive iPhone X hit the market, few issues have been popping up gradually, affecting people at large. They removed the home button at the bottom and, if you'll recall, that was pretty much the go-to button for numerous actions that you would perform with your phone, including taking a screen cap.

According to users on Reddit, the company is replacing the damaged units with the newer phone, so, if you have an iPhone X with the similar problem head towards the authorized service center to replace the faulty device.

Unlike previous iPhone launches that layered in new features while keeping the nuts and bolts of the iPhone intact, the iPhone X is a potential game-changer.

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Apple will also launch a successor to the iPhone X with a 5.8-inch OLED screen, according to the report.

Considering that's the main way of interacting with the iPhone X, this can get very frustrating.

For 2018, we might be seeing the end of bezel-touting iPhones as a new report states that Apple is planning to release a total of three mobile phones. It's a really bright line going down the entire right side of the phone'. The problem wasn't visible when they first got the iPhone X, and only appeared suddenly. However, in both cases, the iPhone X users reported that simply locking and unlocking the phone solves the issue. Apple has confirmed this issue and says it will address it in a software update. Regardless of this, it remains unlikely that Apple will achieve supply-demand balance until 2018. "After several seconds, the screen will become fully responsive again. EXCEPT the Horrendous sound Quality/Speaker issues - Crackling/Sound with WAY too much Treble". Naturally, the 6.5-inch device is said to be called the iPhone X Plus. It's clear that the iPhone X has shaped the design in which we'll see on iPhone devices over the coming years. Apple's TrueDepth camera system, along with the associated Face ID feature, will be standard.