Man raises speculation with his appearance in an interview with Hariri

Man raises speculation with his appearance in an interview with Hariri

"If I want to travel tomorrow, I will", he said.

Hezbollah leader, Nasrallah said last week that the move by Saudi had declared war on Lebanon and his Iran-backed group.

He said his resignation was designed to "cause a positive shock" in the country, warning against Iranian interference that is, he said, ruining relations with other Arab countries.

For ports in rebel-held or disputed territories, such as the city of Hodeida, the mission said it has asked the UN to send a team of experts to discuss ways to make sure weapons can't be smuggled in.

The interviewer explained that the appearance of the man caught on camera was a technical error and proved at least that the interview was conducted live and was not recorded.

The White House has stated that the US requests "all states and parties to respect Lebanon's sovereignty, independence, and constitutional processes".

A much-awaited live interview was done with Hariri on Sunday night by Future TV, a channel associated with his political party.

Qassemi said he does not comment on Hariri's anti-Iran remarks for now and will respond to him in coming days, because "it is not clear in what conditions has he made the remarks".

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But he said his resignation was his decision, dismissing reports he was forced to quit a unity government with Hezbollah.

Hariri's resignation, just 11 months after he took office, has plunged Lebanon into uncertainty, threatening the country's fragile political stability and raising concerns over an open-ended crisis.

A Saudi-led war since 2015 has destroyed most of Yemen's infrastructure and put nearly half of the country's population on the verge of famine.

"He physically looked not at ease, and what he was saying was very contradictory to many people in Lebanon - saying that he is free when he didn't look free; saying that he is doing this to help Lebanon when perhaps it was actually more to help Saudi Arabia", added Khouri.

Hariri was a regular participant in the marathon, giving the international sports event a big boost.

One woman raised a placard reading: "We want our prime minister back".

Since the fall of Mosul and Raqqa the clock has been ticking for Islamic State as a jihadist army of occupation.