Tesla to unveil electric Class 8 tractor this week

Tesla to unveil electric Class 8 tractor this week

But will the Vision One blow your mind clear out of your skull and into an alternate dimension?

Elon Musk (The CEO), has decided to holdup the declaration of Tesla's latest Semi truck manufactured goods for November to concentare on receiving the Model 3, which is Tesla's most reasonably priced and most preferred car, out the door.

Production delays of Tesla's Model 3 sedans, coupled with the company routing batteries to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, scuttled an anticipated October truck unveiling. "Just need to find my portal gun..."

And now Tesla is going to produce a big rig. The video from New Scientist proposed that robot soldiers could make decisions free from emotions, especially fear, which means they might be able to better fight than humans, "Letting robots kill without human supervision could save lives", read the first sequence in the video. The Tesla Semi has the potential to disrupt a core part of the U.S. economy.

The entrepreneur has repeatedly teased the trucking industry with the prospect of a battery-powered heavy-duty vehicle.

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He added that while the company's long-term prospects may not be impacted, the company's failure to hit its near-term targets could "hold back the stock" or offer a "more favorable risk/reward entry point".

Earlier this month, Tesla said that the body shop welding and final vehicle assembly lines are now capable of 500 units per week, according to their short burst tests.

Tesla's plans for new electric vehicles including a commercial truck called the Tesla Semi were announced last year.

Analysts for Wall Street research and brokerage firm, Bernstein, expect Tesla to unveil an all-electric Class 8 truck that will have 300 to 450 miles of driving range and mid-2019 availability.

And in April, Musk said the release of the semi-truck was set for September.