Former PDVSA boss detained in Venezuela's graft crackdown

Former PDVSA boss detained in Venezuela's graft crackdown

Eulogio del Pino and Nelson Martinez, who served this year respectively as oil minister and president of Venezuela's state oil company PDVSA, were arrested "in order to dismantle the cartel. causing serious damage to the patrimony" of the country, Saab said at a press conference. In this case, cash-strapped PDVSA is adding something more like Hamburger Helper to make the final result more palatable to refiners.

The president's tweet included a link to the party's communique. The new president of the company, meanwhile, is Manuel Quevedo.

PDVSA is responsible for 90 percent of the Latin American nation's income.

But, in a video Del Pino recorded before his arrest, which was made available on Twitter, he called charges against him an "unjustified attack" and demanded that he be assured of the right to respond to the accusations. We already have the majority of the mayors.

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Por la puerta delantera, llegaron otros personajes como Enrique Martínez y Martínez, quien se desempeña como embajador en Cuba.

He is accused of embezzling, conspiring with contractors, and conspiracy to commit a crime, among other charges.

In announcing the new chief executive, Citgo did not mention last week's arrests nor did it note Chavez's relationship to the late president.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro will seek re-election in the vote scheduled for the end of 2018, said Vice President Tareck el Aissami. Citgo declined to comment on whether he will live in Houston or lead the company from Venezuela.

Arrests are part of a series of corruption investigations at the state-owned Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA). The balance is showing that of the 65 captured, 15 are from Puerto Miranda, arrested on Wednesday afternoon; seven from Citgo; 10 of Produccion Oriente; 17 of Petrozamora; six are linked to the plot of mafia of vehicles; four from Petropiar; three from Bariven; two from Pdvsa Yagua; and who was managing of the Oil Strip of the Orinoco.